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1000W to 6000W MPPT Solar Charger Inverter

1000W to 6000W MPPT Solar Charger Inverter
Remarks: OEM

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Delivery Time : in 1-3 business days

Key features:


To inverter:


►High overload ability up to 300% rated power (20 sec)

►Low voltage trip selectable (9.5V/10V or 10V/10.5V) extracting max power from various batteries with different protection

►Low quiescent current, power saver mode to reduce power consumption to 10W (3 sec sensing cycle)/3W (30s sensing cycle)

►DC13V battery recover point, dedicated for solar systems


To solar charger:


►MPPT function with high efficiency 97%

►Auto input DC voltage detect between 12V/24V

►Reverse current protection, battery temperature compensation


To battery charger:


►3 step intelligent battery charging (bulk, absorption, and float)

►8 pre set battery type (flooded lead acid, gel, or absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries) selector

plus de-sulphation for totally flat batteries

►Powerful charge rate up to 90A, selectable from 0-100%

►PFC (Power Factor Correction) for charger, less power consumption than conventional units


To transfer:


►10ms typical transfer time between battery and AC, guarantees power continuity

►15s delay before transfer when AC resumes, extra protection for loads when used with generator

►Input AC voltage range selectable (184-253V or 154-253V) for different kinds of loads

►30/40A through current ability

►Allows start up and through power with depleted batteries


To remote control & others:


►Ability to switch the unit on/off, select/deselect power saver mode

►17 alarms/warnings, informative for easier operation and trouble-shooting

►Front panel LED indicators and adjustable switch selectors

►Battery/AC priority switch available for off grid solar/wind system

►Low battery, overload, and high battery, over temperature protection circuitry

►RS232/USB communication port available

►Generator compatible


1000W to 6000W MPPT Solar Charger Inverter (1) 1000W to 6000W MPPT Solar Charger Inverter (2) 1000W to 6000W MPPT Solar Charger Inverter (3)


Technical specifications:


General specifications:
Input wave form: Sine wave(Utility or generator)
Nominal voltage: 120VAC 230VAC
Low voltage trip: 90V+/-4% 184V/154V+/4%-
Low voltage re engage: 100V+/-4% 196V/164+/-4%
High voltage trip: 140V+/-4% 253V+/-4%
High voltage re engage: 135V+/-4% 243V+/-4%
Max input AC voltage: 150VAC 270VAC
Nominal input frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz(Auto detect)
Low frequency trip: 47Hz for 50Hz, 57Hz for 60Hz
High frequency trip: 55Hz for 50Hz, 65Hz for 60Hz
Output wave form: (Bypass mode) same as input
Overload protection: Circuit breaker
Short circuit protection: Circuit breaker
Transfer switch rating: 30 amp or 40 amp
Efficiency on line transfer mode: 95%+
Line transfer time: 10 ms typical
Bypass without battery connected: Yes
Max bypass current: 30 amp or 40 amp
Bypass over load current: 35 amp or 45 amp: alarm
Inverter specification/output
Output wave form: Pure sine wave
Output continuous power watts: 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Output continuous power VA: 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
Power factor: 0.9-1.0
Nominal output voltage rms: 120/230VAC
Output voltage regulation: +-/10% rms
Output frequency: 50Hz+/-0.3Hz or 60Hz+/-0.3Hz
Nominal efficiency: >88%
Surge ratings: 3000 6000 9000 12000 15000 18000
Short circuit protection: Yes, fault after 1 sec
THD <3%
Inverter specification/input:
Nominal input voltage: 12.0V 24.0V 48.0V
Minimum start voltage: 10.0V 20.0V 40.0V
Low battery alarm: 10.5V/11.0V 21V/22.0V 42.0/44.0V
Low battery trip: 10.0V/10.5V 20.0V/21V 40.0V/42V
High voltage alarm: 16.0V 32.0V 64.0V
Low battery voltage recover 15.5V 31.0V 62.0V
Power saver: Below 25 watts when enabled
Power saver: Same switched on/off on remote
Charger mode specifications:
Input voltage range: 90-135VAC 194-243VAC/164-243VAC(W)
Output voltage: Dependent on battery type
Max charger current: 35A/70A (Charger current controller)
Battery initial voltage for start up: 10-15.7V for 12V(*2 for 24V; *4 for 48V)
Over charger protection shutdown: 15.7V for 12V(*2 for 24V; *4 for 48V)
Solar charger mode specifications:
Rated voltage 12V/24V/48V
Rated charge current 40A/60A
Rated output current 15A
Self consumption <10mA
Bulk charge 14.5V(default)*2 for DC24V, *4 for DC48V
Floating charge 13.5V(default)
Equalization charge 14.0V(default)
Over charge disconnection 14.8V
Over charge recovery 13.6V
Over discharge disconnection 10.8V(default)
Over discharge reconnection 12.3V
Temperature compensation -13.2mV/’C
Ambient temperature 0-40’C(full load), 40-60’C(derating)
Mounting Wall mount
Charger curves (4 stage constant current) battery types
4 steps digital controlled progressive charge
Battery type: Fast V Float V(*2 for 24V; *4 for 48V)
GEL U.S.A. 14.0 13.7
A.G.M. 1 14.1 13.4
A.G.M. 2 14.6 13.7
Sealed lead acid 14.4 13.6
GEL Euro 14.4 13.8
Open lead acid 14.8 13.3
Calcium 15.1 13.6
De-sulphation 15.5 for 4 hrs
Remote control/RS232/USB Yes, optional
Size: in mm 1000/2000/3000 model: 580*315*300 mm3
4000/5000/6000 model: 740*315*300 mm3
Gross weight: 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000
23Kg 25Kg 29Kg 40Kg 50Kg 50Kg


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