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Konica km1024i 30pl printhead konica minolta km 1024i print head for konica printer


Place of Origin:Japan
Brand Name:Konica
Model Number:KM1024i
Type:Print Head
Printing Type:Inkjet Printer
Product name:Konica km1024i 13pl 30pl printhead konica minolta km 1024i print head
Model:13pl 30pl

[ Main Features ]

1. An inkjet printhead with multiple rows of lines, all nozzles being independent drive modes.
2. The maximum drive frequency(45kHz) is about 3 times that of the KM1024 series.
3. Nozzle structure with stable emission performance and excellent ink resistance.
4. Control the ink temperature in a suitable range by using a high performance internal heater.
5. 360dpi high resolution print head, can print with up to 8 gray scale levels.
6. Access to green products, the pollution of the earth’s environment is small.


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