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Compatible DX7 Printhead Damper for Roland Description: 1. Suitable for ECO-Sol Ink/Water ink 2. Suitable For—Mutoh VJ1618/1614E printer It is made from P. P materials Its talling is more convenient Packing: We will use appropriate materials for a reasonable, secure packing of your goods. If goods are damaged during the transport, please inform our service department within 3 days after goods are received. General Products Return Requirements: If you should find any quality problems, please contact with our sales staff to exchange or return goods within 5 days after you receive the goods. …Product quality return: After detection and verify it is our products’ quality problem, then you can apply for product return or exchange. …If the product error is caused by us, we will bear the freight charge; If the product error is caused by our customers, then customers will bear the round-trip transportation costs. After we receive your error products, we will send you the replacement products. …When purchasing our products, please confirm that you have bought the right products. If you make mistakes when purchasing, then we will charge you 15% return poundage (Special products are non-refundable or exchangable). …If the undeserved damage is caused due to personal reasons, we don’t accept return or exchange. We don’t accept any unreasonable return within 5 days after you receive the goods. Any product-related questions please contact with our technician. We’ll try out best to help you out.


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