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Affordable 540 Nozzles DX5 Epson Micro-piezo Print Head for A-Starjet Neo Plus Inkjet Printer

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Guangzhou Guangdong,China
Brand Name: Epson
Model Number: DX5

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Epson DX5 micro-piezo print head

1.    Original Epson DX5.5 print head from Japan which can be best used in our

inkjet printer machine NEO+ & NEO+ UV.

2.    DX5.5 has 540 nozzles with resolution up to 1440dpi, the size of the ink droplet is

between 1.5-21pl.

3.    The height of the print head is between 2mm-3mm.

  Quick Details & Usage

Print head for inkjet printer machine, our models are A-Starjet NEO Plus/ A-Starjet NEO Plus UV

Type: Print Head Brand name: Epson
Place of Origin: Japan Model: DX5.5
Usage: Print Head for Inkjet Printers Nozzle: 540
Height: 2-3mm Ink Drolet Size:1.5-21pl
Keyword: Epson DX5.5 Print Head After-sale Service: Yes


Competitive Advantage:

1.    High and stable quality

2.    Quick delivery time

3.    Good package in order to void the problems in transportation.

4.    Best service from the whole company.


  Features of Epson DX5 Micro-piezo Print Head
  •  Original printhead from Japan.
  • High speed, high resolution is 1440DPI.
  • The voltage of the printhead, temperature is automatically adjustable, prevents blockage caused by the change of temperature.
  •  Edge feather function can blur the pass line and feather the pass edge.
  •  Delicately designed alloy-aluminum platform.


  Usage on A-Starjet NEO Plus & Difference between NEO+ and NEO

Difference between NEO and NEO Plus,
1. Neo Plus uses two DX5.5 heads while NEO uses one DX5. DX5.5
head’s cost is much lower compared to DX5.
2. DX5.5 has 540 nozzles in one head while DX5 has 1440 nozzles.
NEO Plus needs two DX5.5 heads to get 1080 nozzles while NEO use
one DX5 get 1440 nozzles.


  Notice Before Purchasing

Print head is one of the most core components of the inkjet printers ,the effect of the ptinting and the stand or fall of printing are mostly determined by print head.Print head is the most expensive parts of inkjet printer.It is very easy to be artificially damaged.These particularities make the manufacturer do all kinds of harsh detection in the print head before leaving factory to make sure the quality.We suggest you do the following work before buying print head:
1. Please carefully testing and making sure it’s the print head problem.
2. When the head is broken, especially the ink leaked, sometimes it will blow out the mainboard. If  the mainboard burned out and don’t change it, directly replacing the head, the print head is likely to burn out. Therefore we must make sure the mainboard is all well before change a mew head.
3. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of print head (using print head hydrator tomaintain the head, avoiding blockage of print head). The print head is very expensive. It should be carefully used.





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