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Wide Format UV Flatbed Printer 2513uv with ricoh Gen5 printhead

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Dimensions: 89 x 25 x 69 mm (excluding cables)
Head materials: SST, Nickel alloy and Epoxy Adhesive
Nozzle plate surface: Coated SST
Number of nozzles: 4 x 320 nozzles
Nozzle spacing: 0.1693 mm
Nozzle density: up to 600 npi
Piezo type: D33 Stacked PZT
Temperature control: Integrated Heater and Thermistor
Operator temperature range: Up to 80° C
Native drop volume: 7 pl
Drop volume range: 7 – 35 pl
Drop velocity: 7 m/s
Jetting frequency: Up to 60 kHZ
Use famous brand UV tube and it can solify the ink more effectively. Long time lifetime and more stable quality.


Adopt Ricoh GEN5 Piezoelectric printhead with grey scale, each nozzle has 384/1280 printhead, the resolution can be 2400DPI. Industrial printhead has its good speed and stability.

2. Powerful fan system.

The printing platform’s function of sectional vacuum absorption meets the demand of printing media in various formats and ensures a close bond between media and the platform.

3.Ink constant temperature system.

The aotomatical heating function of ink supply system can keep ink in constant temperature and print the best quality picture.

4. Negative pressure system.

The standby backup battery of the printer can maintain the work of negative pressure system when the printer is suddenly short of electricity. Furthermore, the printer can be engaged in work as soon as the supply of electricity continues

5. Use German IGUS chain and flexible cable to make sure the smooth of movement when printing.

6. An intelligent printer carriage collision-shielded system of the printer can spare the risk of a collision between printer carriage and material, which might cause damage to the carriage head.

7.An alarming system which detects the ink level in the Grade A ink barrel can remind users of low ink level by sparkling light and sounds. The system also ensures the printing operation in an unattended condition.

Technical Specifications:


WJ2513UV Flatbed printer

Machine Type

High Capacity UV flatbed Printer

Print Technology

intelligent variable ink drops technology, grey scale print technology

Print Head Number

Ri-coh GEN5 double color print head 2*640 1280 nozzles


1200x1200DPI 7-21 pl variable ink drops, photo degree output quality, minimum 2pt letter

Printing Speed

Fast Mode


Production Mode


Quality Mode


Ink Supply System

Ink Model

Curable UV INK for GEN5 Print heads

Ink Color

CMYC+W+V / C M Y K LC LM W V optional

Ink Capacity

1L(2.5L Ink tank)

System Design

Vacuum Table

hard oxydic vacuum adsorption platform, mechanical drive

Max. Media Size

2.55m x 1.35m x 65mm

Max. Print Size

2.51m x 1.26m

Data Port

3.0 USB

Input Format

Adobe Postscript Level 3, PDF , JPEG, TIFF, EPS, AI


Maintop/Photoprint/ONYX Thrive V11.1/ Caldera 10

Operation Environment

Electric Supply

Two phase electric, 220V AC, 50/60Hz, 20V



Air Pressure

Max. Air Pressure: 120psi/723kpa

Peak Flow: 100psi/960kpa Pressure time flow 340L/M

Continuous flow: 100psi/960kpa Pressure time flow 28L/M

Environment Temperature


Relative Humidity

30%-70%(some media request lower relative humidity scope, details according to requirements of relative materials


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